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FAQ's about Hydro-Dipping

1. What is hydro-dipping?

  • Hydro-dipping, also known as hydrographics printing, is a process used to adhere a fixed pattern onto an object. It involves laying a pre-printed film on top of water, using an activator, and lowering the object through the film. This process can be used on all kinds of items and materials, such as metal, plastic, foams, and more.

2. How durable is hydro-dipping?

  • Our hydro-dipping process starts with extensive prep work done on the item to ensure the final product is completely adhered. We use high-quality automotive primer and paint, and it is finished with an appropriate clear coat finish that is heat, UV, and scratch resistant. This process is just as durable as any paint work done at professional body shops.

3. Is hydro-dipping heat resistant?

  • Yes, our hydro-dipping process is done with high quality, professional products made for use on vehicles. The products are heat resistant and very durable so that you can enjoy the finished work for many years.

4. What can be hydro-dipped?

  • In most cases, your imagination is the limit. For cars, as long as the parts can be removed from the vehicle, they can almost always be hydro-dipped. In other cases, the only restrictions on hydro-dipping are exceptionally large items and items made of a flexible material.


5. Do you hydro-dip firearms and components?

  • No, at this time we do not hydro-dip firearms or any components.

6. How long does hydro-dipping take?

  • For most projects, our process takes in between 1 and 2 weeks to complete. Depending on the complexity and condition of the parts, this schedule can vary. For example, calipers can typically be completed within 24 hours.

7. How much does hydro-dipping cost?

  • Each project is completely custom and tailored to what you want. Our shop minimum is $500, and the best way to know what your project will cost is to set up a consultation with us through our booking page or by calling 678-653-9514.

8. What kind of designs and patterns are available?

  • We order films from multiple vendors; however, most of our films are ordered from Big Brain Graphics. Use this link to check out their catalogue of available patterns and designs.

9. Can we hydro-dip custom films and patterns?

  • Yes, ordering custom films is possible, but the cost for custom film projects will be more expensive.

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