Frequently Asked Questions

If something is hydrodipped is it durable or can it be easily removed?

Yes and no. Yes it is durable. Each part goes through the same prepping and painting process that a panel on a car would go through. It can be removed however due to the product used it is not "peel-able". It would take a lot of effort and the part would not be able to go back to its oem factory look.

Can I have the same piece hydro-dipped again with a different design?

Any piece that has been previously hydro-dipped can be re-done with a different design and you would never be able to tell the difference. We ensure there is no residue left prior to hydro-dipping the piece.

What kind of material can be hydro-dipped? Is the process heat resistant?

Anything plastic, metal, or made of woods are the main things that can be dipped. The only things we do not recommend dipping are rubber and leather. It is very heat resistant and does great against the heat from the engine. If it is an extremely hot area the process can be adjusted to hold up to an even higher temperature if necessary.

Do you offer sponsorships? If so, what are the qualifications.

We are always looking for new people to sponsor with a passion for cars. We are currently accepting sponsorship request between February 1st until March 7th of 2020!

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