Hydrodypz is currently accepting applications from 02/01/20 - 03/07/20 for new sponsorship opportunities. We encourage everyone to apply no matter the build. Sponsorship opportunities are currently limited to United States only. 

Sponsorship & Perks

Here at Hydrodypz we understand what it feels like to be proud to showcase your car and we want to help you do that. Our sponsorship opportunity is a partial sponsorship. This means a sponsored vehicle you will receive a discount on all products, discounts on merchandise, and a possible booth spot at shows and events. We feel that a sponsorship deal is a two-way street, and that both parties need to be committed to the relationship in order for it to work. As a sponsor we consider you not only a brand ambassador but an extension of our family and want to be represented by positive, passionate people.  For us, this means working only with people we know truly believe in our brand and want our products. 

Terms & Conditions

Hydrodypz may request to receive photographic proof available upon request of the sponsored car attending each show. The sponsored car will display a minimum of 1 sticker on the exterior of the vehicle. Photographic proof of the sticker(s) affixed to the car during each attended show is required in the event that photographs are requested. You must promote and tag @Hydrodypz and #Hydrodypz in social media posts of sponsored vehicle. The sponsored car is also required to attend a minimum of shows within the first year determined upon their approved tier. All products supplied for the sponsored vehicle must be used solely for said vehicle and cannot be resold, transferred, held in storage or otherwise modified unless previously approved by Hydrodypz. Agreement terms will be strictly enforced and agreed upon for 1 year from approval date. After the 1 year has elapsed you will be required to re-apply if you would like to continue your sponsorship. Failure to comply with any part of this agreement will result in termination of sponsorship.